16 Jun 2012 @ 4:30 PM 

A domain is only worth the amount someone is willing to pay for it or what revenue the domain is making each month multiplied by X amount of months.

What prices do domains go for and how do you appraisal a domain?

The best way to judge how much a domain is worth is to visit domainprices.co.uk and see what domains have sold for and where the sale took place.

Domains on the secondary market can vary depending on if the sale is to a reseller (someone who deals with domains) or an end-user (someone who will use the domain directly).

If you deal with domains you may see the domain personalinjurysolicitors.tv as a good investment and would only be willing to pay £1000 for it.

If you are an enduser or a Solicitor that figure (because you really want it) maybe 5 fold and be £5000.

domain pricesDomains are hard to price unless they have a website on them generating revenue, which then can then be calculated from it’s monthly income.

The owner of a domain is always going to think it’s worth more than the buyer is willing to pay.

Ask yourself this – Will it make any money undeveloped and are you going to develop it? Is it likely that another buyer will come along and offer the same amount or if not more?

If you answer no to both, sell the domain for the best price possible today!


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 25 Oct 2009 @ 11:28 PM 

carrotsMoved out from Hull to Gilberdyke into a brand new house a few years back to move closer to work, but to cut a long story short. Got laid off, setup on my own and is at least an hours round trip to anywhere towards Hull.

Been out in the sticks (watching tractors pulling trailers full of carrots and potatoes) I thought would be quite peaceful but when you get a dick of a boy racer bombing around all the time from getting in from work till going on midnight it ain’t! (Needs his exhaust fixing I think) He skidded off the road last year, his car was a right off and luckily no one else was involved as he does think 2 inch from peoples bumpers is acceptable.

COCK!! a doodle doooooooo……

Hopefully he’ll do a better job now the wet weather is back!

Been self employed and only just starting out in April 08 isn’t a great platform to look at moving and so need to start thinking big and up a gear or two into earning some serious cash.

This is in the form of mini site revenue, domain sales, directory building, websites for clients and any sexual favours needed. (last part is a lie)

Been self employed is great at times but can put me on a bit of a downer not been able to bounce ideas around with people face to face. Living in the sticks again doesn’t help that situation, distance, travel, and cost etc.

2010 we should be looking at selling in spring time and then start to rent for a year or so to sort things out and get back to normal living in Hull.

All in all I need to move people!

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